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GPS Golf Rangefinder for your phone

WebCaddy II turns your android phone into a GPS golf rangefinder and multi-player scorecard. It provides distances and aerial views of any course and keeps scores and game points for you and your foursome.

Features include:

  • Use on any course, anywhere in the world
  • Accurate GPS readings and aerial views
  • Create your own custom course markers for any location on the course
  • Create your own custom course markers for practice areas at home or on the course
  • Custom markers are remembered for each course and hole
  • Aerial Course Views can be zoomed, panned, rotated and tilted
  • The Course view rotates automatically to match your orientation
  • Easy scoring - Multiplayer - Skins and Nassaus

Available for Android at the Google Play Store

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WebCaddy Instruction

Tap this button to center your position to the screen, i.e. find your position on the course

Note: Hold your phone so that it points toward the hole when tapping this button, and your screen will rotate to reflect your view. Read the notes below on calibrating your phones compass to increase the accuracy of the screen rotation

Tap this button to bring up the score card

Tap this button to set a custom course marker under the center crosshair. See more detailed instruction below

This is a course marker that you set. Click on it to get the yardage from the marker to your current position on the course.

Note: To delete an existing marker: Click on the marker, when the distance box is open, click on it.

Tap the Gear button to bring up the menu of options

Tap this button to rotate the screen counter clockwise

Tap this button to rotate the screen clockwise

Tap this button to zoom in

Tap this button to zoom out

Tap this button to tilt the screen downward

Tap this button to tilt the screen upward

yds Shows yards or meters distance selection
~3 Shows the yards or meters accuracy. This can vary upon the number of GPS satellites found by your device in certain weather conditions
215 Distance from you to the white center crosshair. You can drag the screen to any position on the course and see the distance to the spot underneath the white center crosshair. This is also the position that you use to set custom markers.
111 Distance to the green front marker
222 Distance to the green center marker
333 Distance to the green back marker

Steps to create a custom marker

1. Drag the screen with your fingers to put the center crosshair over your target

2. Tap the custom marker menu icon, then select the type of marker needed. Your new marker will be shown on the course layout.

3. This marker will always be available anytime you play this hole again. All markers are remembered until they are deleted

4. Click the marker to see the distance from your current position to it

5. When the distance box is showing, you can click on it to permanently delete the marker

6. Webcaddy remembers markers for each course and each hole

7. You can mark the practice range or any other area

8. Note: Its a good idea to mark targets that you can shoot for when playing a hole, either for layup or as a position in your course strategy

You can add, delete and modify your markers at http://www.mywebcaddy.com

The Scorecard

Using the scorecard

1. Tap the scorecard button

2. When you are on the first hole, you will be shown a screen to enter the other 3 names in your foursome

3. Click the + and - buttons to adjust each players score

4. You can also add a PTS score for use in Skins or Nassaus

5. To see an individuals scorecard click on the pencil next to his name

The Options Menu

Tap on the gear button to bring up the options menu

HELP - shows this help page

CONTROLS - Hides or Displays the Screen Controls. When hidden, the android gestures take the place of the buttons

To zoom: Pinch your fingers in or out

To rotate: Hold 2 fingers apart and rotate them together

To tilt: Hold 2 fingers apart and move them up and down the screen

YDS or METERS - Select this to change all yardage to the desired format

Video Overview

WebCaddy Video